Bali Climate – Bali has two distinct seasons – wet and dry, but being in the tropics it can rain all the year around. Temperatures at Orchid Villa range between 18oC and 28oC, ideal for an afternoon dip (or early morning if you are more courageous) and perfect for sleeping without the sound of air-conditioning to interrupt nature’s chorus. It is chilly enough for “baggies” and a sweater in the evenings and early morning, particularly during July and August, so please come prepared.

November through to April
(Wet Season – with most rain falling in the evening and overnight)

Daytime Highs: 26 oC to 28 oC (80oF to 85 oF)
Nighttime Lows: 18 oC to 21 oC (65oF to 71 oF)

May through to October
(Dry Season – sunny and warm with a fresh breeze)

Daytime Highs: 23 oC to 26 oC (75 oF to 82 oF)
Nighttime Lows: 15 oC to 18 oC (52 oF to 66 oF)